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The English Magazine website is a vast resource of graded reading and listening material for students and teachers of English. Each original article is written at three levels of difficulty: beginner (level A1-A2), intermediate (level B1-B2) and advanced (level C1-C2. Students can click to change level at any time. There are comprehension questions to test understanding and to recylce important vocabulary from the text. The Language Notes and Vocabulary Notes for each level provide a useful focus for follow-up language work. In addition, in the Language Practice Zone, there are grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Students can work on their own, at home or in a computer lab. Alternatively, teachers can freely print the articles and use them in class as supplementary material in their regular language courses.

The articles are specially-written for the magazine, not adaptations from other sources. There is a wide range of topics: adventure, business, crime, education, art and entertainment, food, health, history, language, lifestyle, literature, mystery, nature and the environment, psychology, science and social issues.

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In the current issue:


:: The Longitude Prize and the challenge to keep antibiotics effective.
:: The original Longitude Prize and the clock that changed history.

Mystery / history

:: The Pendle Witches: magic and mystery in 17th century England.
:: Malkin Tower, black magic and witches


:: The importance of being slow.
:: What is the best beer in Britain?

Social issues

:: Extreme shyness is a very unpleasant and serious condition. But the good news for suffers is that it can be cured.
:: Being shy doesn’t prevent you from getting success in public life.


:: How hypnosis can help people suffer less pain.
:: Hypnotism and medicine throughout the ages.