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Students: improve your fluency and confidence in reading, listening and speaking in English

The English Magazine is an online magazine especially written to help students of English. On the website you can find articles on lots of different topics. The language is carefully graded at three levels of difficulty.

The importance of graded language

Each article in the magazine is written at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. When you have read and understood an article at a lower level, you can then try reading at a higher level. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary. To help you check your understanding and consolidate important vocabulary, there are comprehension questions for each level. Also, to help improve fluency, you can double click on any word in the text to see its definition.

Listening and speaking skills

The English Magazine also has audio texts for you to practise listening. Again, you can listen to the same article at three levels of difficulty. When you have checked your comprehension, you can choose to view the text. Then you can read and listen at the same time. In this way, you can improve both listening and pronunciation skills.

A vast archive of material

Subscribers to the magazine currently have access to 10 years of back issues.

Grammar and vocabulary practice

Much more than a magazine! In the Language Practice Zone, you can test your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.


The English Magazine offers you a vast archive of reading and listening material for you to use as part of your regular English courses. You can print the material and photocopy it, or use it online. In the Language Practice Zone you will also find a wealth of valuable resources, including interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises, that you can freely use in your classes.

Check out this great Sherlock Holmes story, simplified at three levels of difficulty for students of English: