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Level Test Part 3

  Read each question carefully and choose the correct answer.

  Question 1

    Mr Simpson can't see you next Friday because he ___________ at a conference in Chicargo.
        is speaking
        will speak

  Question 2

    It's a beautiful day today, ___________ ?

        is it       
        it is
        isn't it

  Question 3

    If we ___________ more money, Tom and I would buy a bigger house.

        would earn

  Question 4

    ___________ that plate. It's very hot.

        Not touching       
        Don't touch
        Not to touch

  Question 5

    We ___________ hurry. The train leaves in 20 minutes!

        had better       
        would better
        should better

  Question 6

    Jane ___________ work harder if she wants to pass the exam.


  Question 7

    A: ___________ all the biscuits?
    B: Susan did. She's very greedy!

        Who did eat       
        Who ate
        What did Susan eat

  Question 8

    When I arrived at work I realized that I ___________ my briefcase at home.

        had left       
        was leaving

  Question 9

    Just think, this time next week we ___________ on the beach in the south of France.

        will be lying       
        will lie
        are lying

  Question 10

    I would have understood more if he ___________ more slowly.

        would speak       
        has spoken
        had spoken

  Question 11

    A new hospital ___________ just outside the town. It's due to open early next year.

        is building       
        they are building
        is being built

  Question 12

    A: Someone phoned while you were out.
    B: Oh, that ___________ Frank. I was expecting a call from him.

        can have been       
        must have been
        should have been

  Question 13

    I ___________ my umbrella because it turned out to be beautiful sunny day.

        mustn't have taken       
        needn't have taken
        hadn't have taken

  Question 14

    You ___________ pay in cash. You can use your credit card if you want to.


  Question 15

    Hello Tom, I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you ___________ in Canada on holiday.

        have been       

  Question 16

    When Peter was in school, nobody imagined that just a few years later he ___________ a famous television journalist.

        would have become       
        would become

  Question 17

    I think I'd like to ___________ the house decorated this summer. It's in terrible condition at the moment.


  Question 18

    I'm still working on the report at the moment, but I ___________ it by next Friday for sure.

        have finished       
        will have finished
        would have finished

  Question 19

    A: Oh, dear. We've missed the last bus.
    B: Well, we ___________ a taxi instead. There's no alternative.

        will have to take       
        are taking

  Question 20

    ___________ that Peter is a very rich man.

        One says       
        It says
        It is said

  Question 21

    The thieves are believed ___________ the building through a window.

        to enter       
        to have entered

  Question 22

    The train was so full that there was nowhere ___________ down.

        to be seated       
        to sit

  Question 23

    I haven't managed ___________ much work this afternoon because there have been so many interruptions.

        to be doing
        to do

  Question 24

    This wet weather is so depressing. I wish it ___________ raining!

        would stop       
        will stop

  Question 25

    A: Do you mind if I smoke?
    B: Well, I'd rather you ___________ actually.


Your score for Part 3 is out of twenty five.

Part 1 0 - 15: Beginner 16 - 25: See score for Part 2
Part 2 0 - 15: Lower intermediate 16 - 25: See score for Part 3
Part 3 0 - 15: Intermediate 16 - 25: See score for Part 4
Part 4 0 - 15: Upper intermediate 16 - 25: Advanced

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