Reading comprehension: the importance of appropriate language level

Most students are eager to read books, magazines and newspapers in English, but are quickly discouraged when they get bogged down with too many difficult words, strange idioms and complex sentence structures. The English Magazine is designed to meet those students' needs, offering them stimulating reading and listening material in language that provides them with the right kind of challenge and at the same time gives the student a sense of achievement at having been able to read an authentic text in English with confidence . Because the language is graded at three different levels of difficulty, students ranging from post beginner to advanced level are able to read fluently at the level of difficulty best suited to their ability.

Flexibility of use

The material on The English Magazine website can be used in a variety of ways:

:: Students can work in a language lab, with or without teacher guidance.
:: Students can work at home, either autonomously or doing specific activities set by the teacher.
:: Teachers can print and photocopy the articles and use them in class to supplement a regular course book.
:: The material is ideal for use in classes of mixed ability.

Follow-up work: comprehension questions, grammar and vocabluary notes

The articles are specifically written to allow a variety of useful follow-up activities. For example, many articles deal with issues that may stimulate a debate or discussion. Others serve as models of composition and paragraph writing. The Language Notes and Vocabulary Notes provide a stimulus for further study and practice.

A vast archive of material: original articles for reading and listening comprehension

Subscribers to the magazine have access to ten years of back issues and to the grammar exercises, vocabulary exercises and tests in the Language Practice Zone. A new issue of the magazine is added every two months.